The eternal question that all of us face in life from time to time. No one has the answer and we all know that but it does not stop us from asking ourselves. Many spend fortunes in time money and effort in seeking answers by visiting gurus or following those who claim to have the answers. Many spend their lifetime seeking answers here and there. Blessed are those who are not troubled by these questions ever. Why me? Why here? Why sadness? Why hardships? Why happiness? Why? Why? Why?

I was happy yesterday. Today my parents are no more. Why?

…or something like this:

I wanted to be a great leader but here I am nobody. Why?

…or something like this:

I wanted life filled with comforts and happiness. It is full of sadness and hardships. Why?

As a visitor to this site if you are trying to find answers to the eternal WHY you are at a wrong place and wasting your time. No answers here. But you are welcome to spend time and read thing about nothing and about everything.